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Asda issues security guards with police-style body cameras to protect against attacks

Asda has equipped its security guards with body-worn cameras to help protect them from violent and abusive members of the public. Security guards will wear the cameras around their neck like a lanyard in hopes of warding off physically and verbally aggressive customers and passersby, and to capture on film those who are undeterred by the cameras.

Asda is the first supermarket chain in the UK to take the step of issuing security personnel with CCTV equipment to help protect them from abuse. While the move is likely to alarm some privacy campaigners, it has been welcomed by unions representing supermarket and shop workers.

“Recent reports from the British Retail Consortium, Association of Convenience Stores and police recorded crime figures all agree with our findings that abuse of retail staff is getting worse,” said Usdaw General Secretary, Paddy Lillis. Over half (56 per cent) of shop workers who experienced violence, threats or abuse at work did not report the incident to their employer, including the 22 per cent who were physically attacked, a 2017 survey by Usdaw found.

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